Drake New Album Release Date 2022

Drake New Album Release Date 2022

Drake New Album Release Date 2022 is coming very close. On the same day singer Beyonce revealed the release date for her long-awaited next album, pop star Drake also announced that he’ll also be releasing a new album soon.

Drake New Album Release Date 2022 Came Unexpectedly

On Thursday, the Toronto-based artist wrote on his verified Instagram account, “Seventh studio album ‘HONESTLY, NEVERMIND’ comes out at midnight”. Meaning West Coast listeners can hear it on streaming services starting at 9pm Pacific.
Drake also posted an accompanying image that appears to be the album’s cover art, with a gothic title displayed on a multicolored glossy background with a warning warning about pornography. Drake is getting ready to release his new album.

We have all the details about Drake New Album Release Date 2022, album name, cover art and what fans can expect.The rapper teased his new album a while ago but didn’t give any details about the same. However, after weeks of waiting, we finally have an answer.
Drake has confirmed that he will be releasing his album tonight and fans have been delighted.

Drake New Album Release Date

Before Drake New Album Release Date 2022 What Did He Do

An hour before the album’s release at midnight, the male rapper will hold his first radio show TABLE FOR ONE on SOUND 42 to interact with fans and introduce his new album.

The upcoming album is the successful sequel to God’s LP-certified 6 Sixth Lovers. Drake broke many records when he first released this album last year.
Looking at his sudden announcement, it seems like the rapper is ready to let history repeat itself. This is really a very eager expectation.

Before Drake New Album Release Date 2022

Fans Have Also Guessed That Drake Is About To Release A New Album

Even before Drake confirmed that he would be releasing a new album, fans who regularly follow the singer were already guessing that he was up to something.

Through Drake’s Instagram stories, fans realized that the rapper was up to something when he returned to the studio in March 2022. At first, some assumed he would just collaborate. with another artist.
However, without any confirmation from him, it seems people have come to the conclusion that the rapper himself has something new planned for his fans.

Drake Is About To Release A New Album

What Does Drake Say About His New Album?

The male singer has never confirmed his position when producing a new album. Maybe he’s coming up with something new to surprise his fans

According to NME, Drake revealed that he’s been working on something new that he thinks will be a fan favorite in a recent interview. This is also the time when Drake is set to host the highly interactive shows scheduled to take place in Toronto and New York.

Currently, the rapper has yet to announce anything other than Drake New Album Release Date 2022. However, we can only expect the best from him.

What Does Drake Say About His New Album

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