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The First Dreamer Store

Dreamer helps fans of artists, musicians, and other creators find their most unique, stunning jerseys right The First Dreamer. Up to now, tens of thousands of creative shirts large and small have reached music fans thanks to the support of The First Dreamer community.

Community of The First Dreamer

The First Dreamer is a fashion boutique built around the creativity and variety of ideas about the most loved bands and genres of music. More than 10 million people from all continents of the planet have supported The First Dreamer’s fashion project

The First Dreamer Shop

Many of the music shirts produced are inspired by great artists such as De La Soul or Marina Abramović, The First Dreamer, or famous rock groups in the vicinity.
“The First Dreamer is one of the platforms that provide music t-shirts for music lovers, enthusiasts, and supporters of artists and singers.”

The First Dreamer’s Mission

We created The First Dreamer to let music shirts see the light. We measure our success as a company by this goal, not by the size of our profits. It is for this reason that we have not stopped trying and growing.
Let’s build a more creative music world together.

Each The First Dreamer project gives us the opportunity to create a more fashionable, unique shirt and a musical culture in the hearts of music lovers.

Look around you: thousands of people are searching for the shirts of famous idols, artists, singers and bands. Do you want to try our best with our music t-shirts? Come to to experience